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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Roborock S6 - White
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Roborock S6 - White Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Roborock S6 - White

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Roborock S6 - White

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Tyylikkäs ja älykäs Roborock S6 on moderni robottipölynimuri ja moppauslaite.

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Toimitusaika 1 - 3 työpäivää
Palautusoikeus 14 päivää
Tuotenumero S602-00 / 6970995780932

- Unbelievably quiet, from 45dB

- Incredible suction

- Smart & fast navigation

- Schedule cleaning per room

Roborock S6

For smarter cleaning

Roborock S6 is our latest robot vacuum cleaner, updated with several features to make your life more comfortable. The S6 effectively cleans all surfaces - including carpets - and can both vacuum and mop. Also, through the app or via voice control you decide exactly where you want it to clean. Thanks to its adaptive routing, it can handle spaces up to 20% faster, while being 50% quieter compared to Roborock S5.

Incredibly efficient - Handles spaces up to 20% faster thanks to scheduling.

Outstanding suction - Efficiently cleans all dust, from all surfaces.

Custom cleaning- Choose if you want to clean one, several rooms or all rooms.

50% quieter1 Med en tyst dammsugare kan du städa när det passar, dag som natt.

Mop and vacuum at once - S6 can vacuum and mop at the same time, for a super clean home.

Experience the benefits of Roborock S6

Control the cleaning

S6 learns to separate your kitchen from your bedroom, your bedroom from your living room, and so on2. Thus, you can schedule cleaning for one room, multiple rooms, or your entire home. This is made possible by a laser rangefinder that scans your rooms. As a result, S6 can draw up a floor plan that matches your home by 98%.

Smarter and faster

Seeing your robot vacuum cleaner randomly going around to clean is frustrating. It does not happen with S6. With the same powerful 32-bit quad-core processor available in smartphones, S6 calculates the best and fastest way to clean every room, centimeter by centimeter.

Even better navigation

S6 reads your room in 360 °, thanks to a total of 14 types of sensors. Amongst other things, they control navigation, prevent S6 from falling down from the stairs, and ensure that it does not get stuck. In that way, both you and your interior are at peace.

Safe and precise cleaning

Do you have delicate things in your home? By creating areas in the app that S6 should not come near, you can relax during cleaning2. The areas can range from as small as 40 cm, to as large as 10 m. They can be used to protect everything from small vases to entire rooms.

Powerful suction

Do you have dirt or fur everywhere? Both on wooden floors and carpets? None of it is a challenge for the suction in the S6. Even when the dustbin becomes full, the suction in S6 is equally effective. It makes the S6 a perfect robot vacuum cleaner when you have pets or children.

Tough but mild

With a brand new cleaning brush, the brush density in S6 has increased by 250%, while the bristles are softer. Even when spinning at 1350 rpm it is gentle on your floors, but tough on dirt.

Quiet as a whisper

Advanced sound design makes the S6 50% quieter than S5, as well as it sounds better. The noise generated by vacuum has become much softer thanks to the new design. It makes the S6 perfect for cleaning at any time - even during the night.

More than a vacuum cleaner

Make your floors really clean! Just put on the S6 mop unit and set how much water you want to use. That way, it can both vacuum and mop at the same time.

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