Xgimi MoGo PRO 1080P Android TV Projector
Xgimi MoGo PRO 1080P Android TV Projector Xgimi MoGo PRO 1080P Android TV Projector Xgimi MoGo PRO 1080P Android TV Projector Xgimi MoGo PRO 1080P Android TV Projector

Xgimi MoGo PRO 1080P Android TV Projector

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Xgimi MoGo PRO 1080P Android TV kannettava Projektori akulla.

599,00 €
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Saatavuus Varastossa
Toimitusaika 1 - 3 työpäivää

XGIMI: n on todella tyylikäs ja palkittu kannettava projektori kaikille elokuvillesi ja musiikkiviihteillesi tien päällä. - Projektiopinta-ala jopa 100 tuumaa 300 ANSI-lumenilla - 1080P tarkkuus - Jopa 4h käyttöaikaa sisäänrakennetulla akulla - Virallinen Android TV -järjestelmä, johon on yli 5000 sovellusta saatavilla. - Ensiluokkainen Harman-Kardon ääni - Keystone-automaattinen korjausprojektio - Peilaus puhelimestasi Chromecastin kautta - Ääniohjaus Google Assistantin avulla 

MoGo Anywhere

The world's first 1080p Android TV Portable Projector with built-in Harman/Kardon dual speakers and high capacity battery. Entertainment wherever you are.

Now in True 1080P

XGIMI’s revolutionary new DLP technology allows the MoGo Pro projector to provide a sharper, crisp image with a physical resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, which means it projects in true Full HD and 225% clearer than mainstream 720p projectors. MoGo Pro also supports video format up to 4K Ultra HD, which will provide the sharpest image you will ever see from the projector of its size.

Award-winning design

XGIMI aims to create high-quality innovative products at a good price. This conviction has become recognized in the industry and appreciated by millions of users worldwide. Over the past 5 years, XGIMI has won 25 official international design– and innovation awards.

ncredible image and sound, anywhere

A powerful portable projector with built-in Android TV, dual speakers from Harman/Kardon and a substantial battery. The image in XGIMI MoGo is more colorful, brighter and sharper compared to other 150 ANSI or 200 ANSI portable projectors on the market.

In the new MoGo, they have partnered with Harman/Kardon to offer great sound quality with their advanced dual speakers at 3 Watt. The sound is set with Gold Ear Philosophy, which means that the MoGo speaker is well balanced and perfect for all types of audio playback. You can also connect through Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable and use it as an external speaker. Entertainment wherever you are!

Entertainment non stop

MoGo comes with a built-in Google Play Store for Android TV. This means that you have everything from popular movie services and YouTube to games and other interesting apps right in the projector.

Just press the microphone button on the remote and say "Hi Google" to quickly find the latest big movies or mute the lights - all without leaving your seat or switching from what you're already watching.

Positioning and sharpening

Place MoGo at any angle as the patented Smart Keystone correction adjusts the projected image up to 40+ degrees both vertically and horizontally to give you the best viewing experience.

MoGos Instant 1000 autofocus feature automatically adjusts focus in just seconds! With this feature, you will never have to worry about your image coming out of focus.

High capacity battery

The built-in battery with a capacity of 10 400 mAh guarantees a long operating time. You can watch a four-hour movie (in energy-saving mode) or listen to eight hours of music on a charge. The battery capacity is 36Wh, which is equivalent to a 10,400mAh / 4.2V power bank.

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