Mi Smart Scale 2 - Henkilövaaka, valkoinen

Mi Smart Scale 2 - Henkilövaaka, valkoinen
Mi Smart Scale 2 - Henkilövaaka, valkoinen Mi Smart Scale 2 - Henkilövaaka, valkoinen Mi Smart Scale 2 - Henkilövaaka, valkoinen

Henkilövaaka, Valkoinen

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Mi Smart Scale 2 - henkilövaaka, valkoinen

Punnitse itsesi, ostoksesi tai vaikkapa matkalaukkusi uudella Mi Smart Scale 2:lla! Uusi henkilövaakamme tarjoaa sinulle erittäin tarkat lukemat painostasi ja realistisisen kuvan terveydestäsi, jota voit seurata puhelimen Xiaomi Mi-fit-sovelluksen kautta. Voit käyttää vaakaa myös tasapainosi mittaamiseen.  

- Jopa 13 tarkkaa mittauskohdetta (mm. lihasmassa, bmi, paino, rasvan määrä, luumassa)

- Reaaliaikainen punnitus

- Tasapainon testaus -toiminto

- Säilyttää 16 eri käyttäjäprofiilia

- Sisäänrakennettu Bluetooth

Dual modes weighing

Besides weighing in dynamic mode, the scale can also measure the weight of static items such as packages, fruits and vegetables.

Saves your data

The scale can automatically identify each family member and store up to 16 user profiles simultaneously. Perfect for a family or the soccer team!

Keep track of your health using your phone

By syncing your data to the Mi Fit App you can get a realistic picture of your health and fitness. It will also give you an overview of your data, making it easier to track your progress and take control of your activities.

3 measurable features and a balance test

Besides measuring your weight, the scale can thanks to a series of complex algorithms and advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) give you accurate stats such as your BMI and your body type. Additionally, you can test your balance simply by placing one foot on the scale, to let the scale analyze your balance.

Hidden LED Display

The display is hidden until you step on the scale for 3 seconds. Only then will the elegant display deliver clear redings using LED lights. The unique light sensor automatically adjusts brightness for readability in all conditions.

Weight Range100 g - 150 kg
Reading precision50 g
UnitsCatties, kilograms, pounds (switchable)
Weight1.2 kg
CompatibilityBluetooth 5.0
Battery3x AAA batteries
Battery LifeMore than 180 days
Dimensions280mm x 280mm x 22mm
Operating ambient temperature0-40°C
MaterialTempered glass + ABS
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